आRAMBH – The War of Wits

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About the Organization

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About the Competition

The conventional debate competition आRAMBH – The War of Wits shall consist of two rounds- Preliminary round (Qualifiers) and the Final round.
ROUND ONE: THE QUALIFYING ROUND: The themes for the qualifying preliminary round are:

  • Was Lockdown a preferable decision. – Comment.
  • Is media over-exercising its liberty.
  • Population bomb: A cause of India’s Shrinking GDP.
  • Should police be allowed to use lethal force?
  1. Participation is on an individual basis. He/she shall prepare for both the sides- “for” and “against the motion”. The respective choice of motion would be decided by a “draw of lots” at the beginning of the preliminary round, wherein the debater shall be informed about his/her side.
  2. Each participant shall get a maximum time of 3 minutes wherein he/she shall establish the constructive supporting the argument. A warning bell would be rung at 2 minutes and 30 seconds. The debater shall conclude his/her arguments in the last minute after the warning bell. Failure to complete within the stipulated time would lead to a reduction in scores.


  1. The number of participants qualifying for the final round would be decided by the organizing committee on the recommendation of a panel of judges based on the ratio of total participants, that would be intimated after the closure of registration. The topic(s) for the final round shall not be disclosed earlier and shall be declared through “draw of chits” at the time of the finale.
  2. Every finalist shall get five (5) minutes preparation time immediately after drawing of chits.
  3. In the final round, each speaker shall speak both- for and against the motion.
  4. The speaker shall get the max time of 2 minutes to speak for the motion and 2 minutes to speak against the motion. Warning bell to change the side shall be rung after the first two minutes of the speech.
  5. After each debate, the debater will answer one question from the audience and two questions from the panel of judges. A maximum of two-three questions is allowed. Cross-questions from the audience are not allowed.
  6. The debate will be evaluated solely by the Panel of Judges and the decision of the panel would be final and binding to all and no correspondence in this regard will be entertained.
  7. The language of the debate competition shall be both English as well as Hindi.

The participants will be graded on the following:-

S. No.Criteria(s)Marks
1.Matter (Content)30
2.Manner (Articulation, Voice modulation, Body language)30
3Method (Organization skills, Clarity, time limit and presentation)20


  • Best Speaker- Cash Award of 800 INR
  • Emerging Speaker- Cash Award of 600 INR
  • Best Interjector- Cash Award of 400 INR
  • An E-Certificate of appreciation to all the participants.

Contact Details

For any enquiry of the same, please feel free to reach us at:-

Mob No. – (+91) 9471214118 / 9264998091

Website www.lawtreeclub.com

or just drop a message on any of our social media handles.

Date, Fees & Registration

Date of the Competition- 11th & 12th of October, 2020

Last Date of Registration- 8th of October, 2020

Registration Fee- 70 INR (For Indian participants) / $2 (For international participants

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